Mapping Your Best Aging Journey

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Mapping Your Best Aging Journey - Performance Mobility

Leigh Vance is the independent owner of Performance Mobility & Home Healthcare Solutions.  Leigh opened the business in 2017 with a mission to build exceptional relationships with customers through an understanding and the importance of efficient, friendly, and compassionate customer care.  Whether you are in need of surgery recovery items, everyday mobility equipment, lifts or elevating, personal fitness aids, bath safety, etc., Performance Mobility’s attentiveness and knowledge will transfer into a positive experience for you.

In addition to the products we sell and the service we provide, we understand that the journey to aging is an uncomfortable topic for most.  We want to help you share and understand that taking early action can reduce some of the risks and fear.  Being open to discuss your journey, that we all face at one time or another, and being proactive can actually empower you to positively connect with your aging experience.

Take a travel planning approach

Most of us would not hop on a plane and go on a vacation without making some plans for where we are going, staying, eating, getting around, who to go with, or the places to visit!

  1. Research your options
  • Gather information and ideas
  • Seek expert advice
  • Seek input from other people who have visited your destination
  1. Analyze your choices
  • Consider the benefits of the various travel and destination options based on the experience you are looking for
  • Consider the risks
  • Identify the protective strategies to reduce risks
  • Understand the costs associate with the details of various travel options
  • Determine the resources required for your trip to be a success
  • Generate the best travel plan within your resources
  1. Organize and Prepare
  • Set aside the money to cover your costs
  • Book in advance your flights/transportation, accommodation, and other excursions
  • Arrange for health and security precautions
  • Create and share your travel itinerary/plans

The following Five Strategy Framework can help you do your legwork and research and to consider your risks, opportunities, and resources. The framework helps you organize your actions, plans, and choices to prepare for your best aging experiences.

In using the Framework to establish a good itinerary for yourself, you are also helping the people you are asking to help you.

Five-Strategy Framework

YOUR HEALTH: Maintain your best health
When we are positive and commit to maintaining our best health, it yields many dividends and reduces several risks. 

YOUR HOME: Timely and wise housing choices change everything
Our financial, physical and emotional security are tied closely to the stability of our home, and the affordability of our housing costs. 

YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK: Staying connected is key
Our relationships are one of the most important life and health assets.  The quantity and quality of your social network is very protective, and makes you feel safe and supported. 

YOUR CAREGIVING TEAM: There is an “I” in this team!
One key risk that you want to avoid is having your caregivers be unprepared for their role.  This happens when they are thrust into their role during a crisis situation.  By thinking ahead, you can select a team of family, friends, neighbours, and professionals to address known or anticipated risks in advance. 

YOUR RESOURCES: Financial and other resources
All five of the Strategies involve using different aspects of your personal assets and resources.  In light of your priorities and preferences, there will always be trade-offs

When you understand the five strategies, you can then start to see how they connect, this is when you are able to proactively make choices with some foresight.

You can essentially design your own version of aging in place by how you use the five strategies to plan and put your actions together in way that best suits you - just as you do when you travel plan! 

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